Are you legendary? Here are top 100 KPIs for sales, marketing and customer success teams

Most marketing and sales plans starts with a blueprint of the year before. Then you review status on your KPIs and tweak them slightly so you can feel great about yourself.

Christopher Lockhead, marketeer and author wrote this in a LinkedIn post a while back: Most 2023 marketing plans will be based on a 2022 marketing plan. Instead, try something different.

1)Start with a blank sheet
2)Ask yourself,
3) If we were legendary what would we do in 2023?

We all want to be legendary. To be legendary you need creativity and data. If you have no control of your data, you end up being creative without a cause. Get your data s..t together and start working smarter – not harder (there, I managed to squeeze in a few bullshit bingo phrases too!). Hence my KPI list.

What are the top KPIs for sales, marketing and customer success?

Without further ado, here goes the list! In my next posts I will break this giant list up in separate topics:

What are top 10 KPIs for Sales?
What are top 10 KPIs for Marketing?
What are top 10 KPIs for Customer Success?

Pipeline Contribution/Revenue Attribution
Sales Rep Productivity Metrics
Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)
Average Conversion Time
Average Profit Margin
Average Purchase Value
Average time to conversion
Calls and Emails Per Rep
Channel sales metrics
Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
Goals vs Forecast
Monthly recurring revenue (MRR)
Monthly Sales Growth
New Biz vs. Upsell Biz
MQL to SQL Conversion Rates
Number of Deals in the Pipeline
Onboarding and Demo Calls Booked
Opportunities created
Pipeline Value
Pipeline Velocity
Product performance
Quote-to-close ratio
Sales by location
Sales Opportunities Created
Sales pipeline velocity
Sales rep calls and emails made
Sales Rep Productivity and Leaderboard
Sales target vs goals
Sales team response time
SQL to Opportunity Ratio
Opportunity to Customer Ratio
Sales Growth
Sales ROI
Sales by Contact Method
Sales by region
Sales Cycle Length
Lifecycle stage velocity
Marketing ROI
Published marketing content
Video view counts per channel
Email: Click-through Rate
Email : Subscriber Count
Email : Open rate
Email Opt outs (from any subscription)
Newsletter Subscribers
Blog Subscribers
CTA Performance
Lead Nurturing Performance
Conversation Rate
Traffic Distribution
Impressions and Reach
LinkedIn Performance
Facebook Performance
Customer Acquisition Cost
SERP rankings
Social Shares
Bounce rates
Landing page conversion
Campaign reporting
Web sessions
Blog sessions
Landing Page Sessions vs Conversion
SQL Conversion Rate
MQL to SQL Ratio
MQL Conversion Rate
Subscriber to Lead Ratio
Customer to Evangelist Ratio
Marketing ROI
Email : Click-to-Open Rate
Email : Unsubscribe Rate
Web: Time on page
Paid: Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
Paid: Cost per Click (CPC)
Paid: Cost per Customer
Paid: Cost per MQL
Paid: Cost per SQL
Paid: Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
Paid : Google Quality Score
Lead Gen break down (Device, Country, Attribution)
New: Leads, MQL, SQL, …
Lead Conversion Rate
MQL Conversion Rate
Daily and monthly active users (DAU and MAU)
HubSpot : Feature Engagement and Adoption
Churn Rate
Customer Health Score
Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)
Customer retention and churn rates
Customer satisfaction rate
Expansion revenue (project based)
Net Promoter Score
Expansion MRR
Retention cost
Deal to Upsell Ratio

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