The Road to Winning!

To succeed in sales, you need more than being “born with it”. Being a sales professional, you need a variety of skills, such as knowledge, products, relationships, trust, persistence, psychology and the after sought ability to close a deal!

Victor Antonio is a CEO of Sellinger Group, a sales trainer and motivator. Of course present in Social Media such as Twitter (@VictorAntonio) and is willing to share knowledge and has posted hundreds of videos on his YouTube channel as well as a large number of blog posts, many of them as a lead in to his video clips.

All of his videos does not add lots of value (to me, at least) but they are often very short, to the point and can easily be an additional inspiration when reaching your sales target feels hard to reach, or you have a problem motivating yourself. Which of course never happens – being the sales professional you are! 😉

One of them is a short video, named “7 Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople”. Here he lists 7 rules of Sales Success!

They can of course be seen as obvious, but sometimes it is just nice to get the reminder… Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment!

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