First, make sure you have something to say

Stories are important! A story is good, but a great told story is something you will remember forever! And great presenters know how to convey stories.

Stories are being told daily, at lunch, when back from work or travels and they’re part of life, almost from the day we were born to the day we die. My parents told me (bed time) stories, I tell stories to my kids and we all enjoy a good camp fire story!

I hope you have been lucky to hear a great presenter. I have enjoyed a few, and Margaret Heffernan, an entrepreneur and author, attended (and presented at) a TEDGlobal conference, and her findings from the conference ended up in the recommendable text titled 3 Characteristics of Amazing Presentations.

Stories take facts out of the abstract and make them engaging and memorable.
Images only work when they say something.
And bouncy salesmanship evaporates faster than perfume.
Even the biggest presentations are, at heart, great conversations.
-Margaret Heffernan

Her three findings are simply;

  1. Stories always work
  2. Images are meaningless – with one exception
  3. Enthusiasm isn’t everything

Enjoy her work – this is three short ones for the weekend!

TEDGlobal 2013 is going to take place in Edinburgh, Scotland June 10-14th. You can read more about the conferences on their website.

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