Brighter and Broader; training, simulation, heavy equipment and a whole lot of guns!


Brighter and Broader; training, simulation, heavy equipment and a whole lot of guns! I’m leaving Orlando and I/ITSEC is over for me for this year. It was a great show and now I am heading for Raleigh, NC for training!



At I/ITSEC, the projectiondesign team has showcased our complete range of projectors targeted at the Simulation & Training market. I’ve been so fortunate to present at the Innovation Showcase, about our latest and greatest LED projector technology and how you can capitalize on high quality projection whilst reducing cost – a great combination!

We arrived in Orlando Thursday prior to the show. Our Simulation Team hosted their session in Orlando and I got to join the last day where we prepared the team for our FS35 – the IR based LED projector for Night Vision Stimulation (NVG). The team sessions were great and inspirational and the days leading up to the show were great.

Team Academy delivered full certification training of our partners at the nearby hotel and the travel continues to Raleigh, NC, to deliver more training before the trip ends for me in Washington, DC.

It’s a great team to be part of – will see you all again sometime soon!


Picture from projectiondesign’s facebook page and is of the projectiondesign booth!


  1. I think your blog is pretty neat, i found it from a good mate of mine from NZ

  2. Your place is valueble for me. Thanks!…

  3. […] WOW! That came as a big surprise! At projectiondesign, we finished our year strong and made it our second best year ever. In December we did participate at I/ITSEC, where we showcased our products for the Training and Simulation market. […]

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