Music and Playlists – Part 1, The Road Runner!

spotify logo & road runner play listLooking back as long as I remember, music has been important to me. My first memories of music and how much of an impact it had on me is from my childhood, where I was flat out on the floor in front of our stereo – playing The Beatles’  Rubber Soul (1965), Revolver (1966), ”The Red Album” (1973) and “The Blue Album” (1973) albums over and over again – with the occasional slips into Winnie-the-Pooh… After all, I was only a handful years old…

I listen to music while working, relaxing, driving, working out, walking the dog or basically any other activity where possible. I’ve since long embraced the world of digital music (alas! I have a Denon DP-300F at home to play vinyls…), and I have created a few playlists at my Spotify profile – publicly available for you to enjoy.

Playlists is a fantastic way to explore new music – and it makes me able to share some of the music I enjoy listening to…

And now, I want to share them with you:

Road Runner!

To be (not so) modest, I think this is a mighty fine collection of upbeat rock, indie and perhaps a couple of guilty pleasures with beat, that want to make you run – or work out – forver…

A sampler of the artists; La Roux, Blur, Muse, My Chemical Romance, The Whigs, AWOLNATION, White Lies, Weezer, The Von Bondies, Anastacia, …

The latest song I added to the list is Roscoe by Johnossi. Enjoy and take care!

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