WOWing the Audience – Barco hits Vegas and CinemaCon

cinemaCon logo

CinemaCon 2014 – Las Vegas

It’s CinemaCon! It’s Vegas! It’s Barco! We are bringing the movie experience to the next level with our new theater-wide entertainment concept about interaction, immersion, brightness, and an exciting wide range of new products!

We’re about to WOW the audience – even more than we already do!

  • Interactive Lobby Solutions
  • A Immersive Cinema going experience
  • Interactivity in the Movie Theatre
  • Laser projection
  • High Resolution (4K)
  • High Frame Rates
  • Integrated Media Block
Barco DP4K-32B

Barco DP4K-32B

We will be showing our new technology and the CinemaBarco theater-wide entertainment concept at CinemaCon 2014. Our new vision of the Cinema during CinemaCon will be demonstrated at the Cinemark Century 16 South Point Theater in Las Vegas – and we will have our booth #2313A at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas from 25 – 27 March.

Read about Barco Alchemy, The Future of Cinema and other new products. that will WOW the Cinema audiences around the world in the near future! It’s exciting times!

Vegas snapshot from car

Vegas snapshot from car

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