Laser – 3D’s second coming?



3D hasn’t really been about much “WOW” for a while. But at CinemaCon 2014 we at Barco are showcasing our new 60.000 lumen laser projector. And, admittedly somewhat biased, this is the best 3D image I’ve ever seen.

At 60 frames per second at full 4K resolution, it was simply stunning.

I started by comparing the brightness levels with and without glasses. In regular projection this would normally prove the largest shortcoming of 3D – its low brightness levels. Not so anymore! Brightness levels with and without glasses are more or less identical, at the required 14 foot-lamberts.

Then I immersed myself into the content and could see how well our new Alchemy Enabled Projector could playback 60 frames per second 4K resolution. The smoothness, the dynamic of the image and the fantastic clarity – I’m convinced and WOW’ed!

It seems to be a commercial life for 3D in the movies after all.


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