Escape – Experience the magic!

Escape - 3 Screen Movie EnhancementThe Cinematic experience has not really changed much since the first bed sheet was hung on a wall as projection screen a long, long time ago. The screens are better, bigger and the projection equipment has improved “a bit” since 1894. In any industry a disruptive move is done by a player once in a while. With Barco’s Escape it’s about WOWing the audience in a completely new way.

At CinemaCon Barco unveiled our new view on the cinema experience – with a wide array of products and solutions with one target in mind; enhancing the magic of cinema.
Escape is one of the solutions. Even if it is a simple concept it adds great value to the viewing experience. By adding two more screens you are all of a sudden immersed deeper into the movie than ever before. For the movie makers this means a lot as there are now two more canvases to fill – to make the audience even more immersed into the movie.

The cinématographe Lumière in projection mode.Ted Schilowitz explains to Variety: “The goal is to provide a bigger, more intense, more encompassing canvas,” Schilowitz says, “to extend the boundaries of cinema, to open the possibilities of what happens when you break out of the rectangle.”

Based on the content I’ve seen so far, Escape delivers on promise. It does add a new dimension to the movie experience! Is Escape disruptive? Time will tell.

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PS! Read the full history of movie projectors at Wikipedia. Here is a short extract:

The Lumière brothers invented the first successful movie projector. They made their first film, Sortie de l’usine Lumière de Lyon, in 1894, which was publicly screened at L’Eden, La Ciotat a year later. The first commercial, public screening of cinematographic films happened in Paris on 28 December 1895.

The projector Picture is a Wikimedia Commons. The Escape picture was originally posted on 

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