I/ITSEC 2013 Part I

Another year and another visit to I/ITSEC, which is the world’s largest Training & Simulation trade show. I arrived in Orlando Saturday 30th after flying from Oslo, Through Copenhagen and Washington. Phew. It was good to team up and get some refreshments…

Sunday was spent at the trade show floor at the Orange County Convention Center, which is located south of Orlando down town and closeby the Searworld. A lot has happened since last year’s event, now being part of the Barco team – joining forces with projectiondesign to securing our position as market leading in the Training & Simulation market.

At I/ITSEC this year, we are introducing two exciting products (the F50 and Sim7Q HQ) and some extremely valuable improvements for night vision simulation training scenarios. We’re excited to see the response from our highly valued partners and customers!

Below you will see a handful of pictures taken Sunday 1st December. I’ll keep you posted!

My favourite pictures are the ones from the 3 channel FL35 WQXGA LED projector, the inside of our lens, our new F50 projector…

Welcome to ITSEC

3 channel WQXGA LED projectionLens-InsideF50

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