Bring Daddy Home For X-mas!

Yeah, it’s this time of the year. Christmas is coming. Santa Claus is coming. And we all like to cuddle up in front of the fireplace and listen to the good old carols. Naw! That has to change! Let me introduce Gringo Bandido!

We’re talking about the Garage/Punk/Rock’n Roll outfit from my home town, Halden, Norway. They got together after the band Camaros broke up, and now they’ve released a nifty variation of the classic “get daddy home for Christmas!”

Please bring mommy home for X-mas
she doesn’t need to work the streets tonight.

Please Bring Mommy home for X-mas
I guess she’s kind of cold in leather tights.

Santa you just follow slutty footsteps in the snow
they’re easy to discover
it’s a heel and a pointy toe

Santa You just lure her out,
Just wave with the mistletoe

Maybe you can steal a kiss
Don’t you worry about the kids
Wrap her up in paper and bring her home

How can you possibly NOT resist something like this?

Now go enjoy Christmas – and hopefully both mom and dad are safe at home. J


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PPS! Bad Religion has released a full length album named Christmas Songs (spotify).

PPPS! I’ve made a fab Spotify collection of Indie Rock and Traditional Christmas Songs.

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