Why you’ll love to Present, Collaborate and Impress

You’ve got to love this! Over the last months a large team within Barco has been hard at work, planning and executing a big launch and the public return of the visualization specialist Barco in Corporate AV. To me, the best part is that I’ve been involved in the process.

Picture of ClickShare, Present, Impress and Collaborate - range products. We broadcasted our comeback to Corporate AV through a global launch and a coordinated campaign named “10 days of Corporate AV”. This was a platform to present Barco’s brand-new product portfolio and focus on Corporate AV.  Starting 18th September and ending on Friday 27 September, we put daily one or more products in the spotlight.

In this opening blog post on Corporate AV – I want you to get to know the names of the Present, Collaborate and Impress projector series and why our approach to the market is different – even if we compete in a traditional “me too” market.

A different view on smart collaboration

We have spent time rethinking and refining the enterprise visualization business. We’ve spent time learning how people see, use and apply technology and products – and as a result we’ve taken to market a product portfolio that provides you with the right choice of technology and solutions to make your business a success.

Style & Simplicity

Our new products for the Corporate AV market have been specifically designed with style & simplicity. Great design, paired with user-friendliness has never been a downside (hello, Apple!) – allowing our customers to focus on their business without worrying about technology. Designed to meet The Office of the Future’s requirements – they look astoundingly beautiful and blends perfectly into the office space they’re installed in.

In my next blog post – you can read about the reasoning behind our decision to three families of projectors we have introduced; The Present, Collaborate and Impress, as well as to learn about the projector families – see you then!

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