The End is the Beginning is the End

The End is the Beginning is the End! It’s a New Year! And when a year ends, there are promises to be made, changes to happen – and better things to come? And there are presentations to be made!

December 23rd came the news to public; Barco acquires majority share in projectiondesign®; “The combination of Barco and projectiondesign creates a market leader in projection solutions for both large- and mid-venue markets.”

WOW! That came as a big surprise! At projectiondesign, we finished our year strong and made it our second best year ever. In December we did participate at I/ITSEC, where we showcased our products for the Training and Simulation market.

Now we’re preparing for one of the biggest AV shows in the world, the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), in Amsterdam 28-31st January. At the show I will make two public presentations; one at the Megapixel summit and one at ISE for InfoComm;

Both of the topics are of high interest to me! Projection business for the future is to me more about mega pixel installations and the emerging illumination technologies we see emerging into the market! And with the recent acquisition of our company by Barco – the future is even more exciting.

Who am I?

I am the Academy Manager at projectiondesign and am responsible for the worldwide development and execution of the company’s initiatives in knowledge transfer and partner training. I’ve been working at projectiondesign for the past seven years, and have experience from working across various industries. During my work experience, I’ve held senior board, management, sales and product development roles to bring new and emerging products, technologies and services to market.

The End is the Beginning…?

The Title of this blog post is from the song by The Smashing Pumpkins. Here you’ll find it in two versions;

All the best for the New Year!

When somethings ends there are new things start!


  1. Exiting tasks in an exiting company in an exiting industry. Best of luck!

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