The Soundtrack of my Christmas

Christmas music and I did initially not get off well year as I was in Orlando, Florida late November and early December. It was 25-28 degrees Celsius and loads of really, really bad versions of traditional Christmas songs played everywhere; Hotel Lobbies, Shopping Malls, Restaurants and Diners.

snowmanBut, last night, it was time to get back on track! Just in time too! Highly inspired by a friend, my wife and I started searching for Christmas songs we’d like to play. And, of course, I decided to put together a playlist – as sharing is caring! (The list is named Christmas Songs – Trad & Indie and is published at Spotify)

During the search for songs, we came across a pearl from a 2011 release, the “Vi tenner våre lykter” (to support the Norwegian Crown Price and Crown Princess’ Foundation) by Moddi – Nordnorsk julesalme. This will be played a number of times this year – it’s simply amazing!

Growing the list…
There are insane amounts of Christmas songs out there. But you need to start somewhere, and we started off with the traditional ones:

And then we added a few others; some Norwegian, some Indie, some… just …very Christmas!

Enough, already!
Finally the night was on, enough Bloody Mary’s were consumed, and it was bed time… The list had at this time 42 songs, and I decided to create another list – purely with Indie/Alternative pop/rock… This list will be published once before Christmas – this year? Not sure.

I would love your feedback on this – suggestions highly welcome! All the best for the Holidays!

PS! If you want more depressive stuff, you can always listen to my playlist Sound of (Indie) Love and Lost Love at Spotify, which contains songs about love, hate, lost love, depression, isolation and heartache! And it is mostly Indie. You know, the bearded, whining guys with acoustic guitars.

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