The power of pixels: Improve meeting & collaboration efficiency

pixel-people_18709150_xlAll organizations want to improve business performance. How can the modern business organization ensure that their meeting and collaboration rooms foster sensible thinking and smart, efficient decisions?

I have written a white paper covering the advantage high resolution displays have over displays with low resolution. I highlight some of the challenges organizations face while trying to improve efficiency.

Key findings:

  • Discovery and correction of data errors is quicker when displaying all data in a single visualization environment
  • Task times highly reduced (up to 63%) when working in spread sheets or word processing
  • Increased screen space increases productivity (9%)
  • User satisfaction level increases with screen size and high pixel count
  • Widescreen format gives the best results
  • For desktop environments a multi-screen setup can give increased effectivity too – but bezels are seen as a challenge.

If you want to read the full paper, you can – for free – at the Barco website!



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