Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers

sad songs for dirty loversThey could have sounded like Pavement, but The National ended up sounding like… The National! Meet one of my favorite bands and their album “Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers”

Life is an endless line of stories and challenges. Some you win and some you lose. The National tells stories too, through the fantastic voice of Matt Berninger. They have so far released six studio albums and Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers was their second album – released in 2003.

The album got some great reviews and Uncut and Chicago Tribune hailed it as the album of the year, but for the majority of the world out there – it is a forgotten gem that deserves so much better.

You can enjoy the full album at Spotify.

Cardinal Song

“Never look her in the eyes
Never tell the truth
If she knows you’re paper
You know she’ll have to burn you

Never tell the one you want that you do
Save it for the deathbed
When you know you kept her wanting you

And do everything she’d never do

Fall asleep with stranger’s wives
The wild wives of unknown men
Good for you, you’ve just become
Just another one of them”

You can find the full lyrics of “Cardinal Song” here.

Slipping Husband

“Dear we better get a drink in you
before you start to bore us”

You can find the full lyrics of “Slipping Husband” here.
Complete Track listing

All songs are written and composed by The National.

  1. “Cardinal Song”, 6:18
  2. “Slipping Husband”, 3:22
  3. “90-Mile Water Wall”, 3:44
  4. “It Never Happened”, 4:37
  5. “Murder Me Rachael”, 3:45
  6. “Thirsty”, 3:48
  7. “Available”, 3:20
  8. “Sugar Wife”, 2:21
  9. “Trophy Wife”, 3:32
  10. “Fashion Coat”, 2:02
  11. “Patterns of Fairytales”, 3:43
  12. “Lucky You”, 4:22


If you want more of the same kind, you can always take a listen to my playlist Sound of (Indie) Love and Lost Love at Spotify, which contains other quality songs about love, lost love, depression, isolation and heartache!


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