Can technology enhance collaboration?

ClickShareFamilySpreadjpgAccording to 80% of business leaders, technology is the #1 means for improved collaboration in the meeting room. But at the same time employees experience technology overload in their work life.

Finding the right balance has never been easy. At Barco, we’ve written a piece about the three major factors you need to consider for your meeting rooms when it comes to collaboration;

  • Wired or wireless?
  • Single-screen or multi-screen?
  • Level of interactivity?

PFWU  51b 03 onwhite jpgBarco does of course provide solutions for all of the above solutions, through our Wireless ClickShare presentation system or wired networked solutions, not to forget our comprehensive line-up of Business Projectors and Image Processors.





  1. EXACTLY!! 🙂 I love your insights & really feel that with your insights on technology & my marketing tips, we can both benefit. I’ve recently followed your blog & would love to know what you thought of mine 😉

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