What is a foot in the door offering?

A “foot in the door” offering refers to a small service or product that a company provides to a potential customer to establish a business relationship. It is designed to demonstrate your capabilities, build trust, and pave the way for larger projects.

Here are some examples of “foot in the door” offerings that a creative agency might provide:

  1. Brand Audit: An audit can provide a comprehensive review of a client’s brand and how it is perceived. It would include an assessment of the client’s website, logo, social media presence, and any other marketing materials.
  2. Social Media Strategy Session: Offering to run a single brainstorming session on improving a company’s social media strategy could be a low-cost way to show your expertise.
  3. Website Evaluation: Analyzing a company’s website and providing recommendations for improvements could be a great first step. This can include SEO analysis, design assessment, and content review.
  4. Content Creation: Offering to create a small piece of content, such as a blog post or social media graphic, can showcase the quality of your work.
  5. Logo Redesign: Proposing a refreshed logo design or a complete redesign can be a relatively low-commitment project that demonstrates your creative skills.
  6. Marketing Consultation: Offering a free or discounted initial consultation session can give the client a taste of your expertise and the potential benefits of your full services.

Remember, the goal of a “foot in the door” offering is not to make a big profit. Instead, it’s to provide value, build a relationship, and show potential clients how much more your creative agency can offer them.

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