Wave Your Hands Say Yeah!

Audience Entertainment Logo

Audience Entertainment Logo

How can you make the big screen an interactive screen? At CinemaCon , Barco and Audience Entertainment showed what an interactive, crowd-controlled experience can look like. To say that the crowd went completely bananas would be an exaggeration, but they waved, smiled, giggled, enjoyed themselves and – did indeed interact!

Interaction between the audience and the big screen has value. It has entertainment value for the audience and it has a documented effect on retention – which also enables value for the advertisers. Ads can become interactive and crowd-controlled! Advertisers can create games, polls and open up a range of communication channels with the audience.

That is actually quite cool! Turning the passive projection into an interactive experience makes your visit to the big screen more memorable. And pay attention – the rollout is started and is coming to a theatre near you. You can see more at the Audience Entertainment Youtube channel.

At the bottom of the post you’ll find an image from the Barco Pool Party at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, 26th March. We WOW’ed the audience with a spectacular projection mapping!

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PS! The blog post title is a rather lame version of the cool indie outfit Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and I have delighted you with two songs:

Over and Over Again:

The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth:


Barco Pool Party at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, 26th March.



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