Hello Rear View Mirror! How are my Big Hairy Audacious Goals?

Half a yBearded Wierdo - Beardo!ear ago, I defined my Big Hairy Audacious Goals for 2013. Summer has ended, and I feel it is time to peak in the rear view mirror and see how things have progressed so far.

  1. Complete a Triathlon (Olympic Distance)
  2. Complete a Marathon
  3. Complete Grenserittet
  4. Pass my CTS exam at InfoComm
  5. Start the process to complete my Bachelor Degree
  6. Lose weight with target at 72kg
  7. Be able to do 50 press-up/push-ups without pause
  8. Be able to do 200 Sit-ups without pause
  9. Start Scuba-diving again and get back under water!
  10. Get a new Tattoo

 Let’s start with the celebration!

Yay! I am now an official Tri-athlete, and I finished my first ever Triathlon (http://www.ostfoldtriathlon.no/) at 3 hours and 35 minutes. The race was a fantastic event held in Sarpsborg, a neighboring city of Halden where I live. So this is a completed BHAG! Together with about 20 people from my work place, I did participate in a 2nd Triathlon in August too.

 Grenserittet; oh dear…

 I really have no excuses. I failed to join Grenserittet. My vacation this summer started with the Triathlon and I took some days of rest. Even if I worked out a bit during the summer, I just had no motivation at all to do the race… And I sold my start place to a person who really wanted to go. But, on the race day – I had my regrets. So it would have to be

on my list for next year…

Pain coming up

21st September, the day after I turn 40, I will execute my ambitions to call myself a marathon runner. The event is Oslo Maraton, which seems to be a fabulous event with more than 21.000 people running (10K, 21K and 42K races). I have gotten a lot of miles on the road, but not really enough, so I expect a few of the 42K to be painful. And so will my travel in economy from Oslo to Singapore the next day be…

With my ambitions with regards to push-ups and sit-ups, I I am somewhat on track. I am quite fit despite the fact that my looks deceive you. I still have not met my weight loss target, but will probably hit it in the middle of October.

Another failure

I did fail miserably on the goal of passing CTS at InfoComm. I was not ready to get this on the priority list and I did not get time for preparations or execution. Perhaps another InfoComm later this year can be an option? Most likely not and I see it slip into 2014.

My Bachelor is left untouched and so are my diving activities. I’ve just not found time and willingness to get it done until now. But let’s see if I can manage to at least get

down below sea level! However, I will teach at Høgskolen i Østfold this autumn – a class in digital communication.

Getting ink!

My tattoo work has passed the thought stage and I have concluded on theme. I aim to get the first ink early October. I’m looking at getting a sleeve with things that represent me since I was a young boy; including all the cartoon figures that I’ve enjoyed and read all the way back to my younger days – happily inspired by my kids.

Am I a quitter or am I a fighter?  Time will show!

PS!  As you can see from the picture below my beard is growing. I do not plan on shaving until I have finished the Marathon. Run, Forrest, Run!

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