Falling in Love Just Make Me Blue

Soaked in a vat of bourbon, left hanging in the smokehouse for a few months, and then taken outside and run over with a car! The most distinctive voice in music was described in such a fashionably correct manner by critic Daniel Durchholz in the book “Musichound Rock: The Essential Album Guide” by Gray Graff.

My personal relationship with Tom Waits goes back a number of years. I believe my interest really sparked with “The Black Rider” (1993). The year 1993 is a far stretch in time from the early 70s, when he recorded the songs later to be published on my all-time favorite album, the “The Early Years Vol. 2”. This album contains songs recorded prior to his debut album “Closing Time” (1973).

The album “The Early Years Vol. 2”, which probably also is one of his most available ones, was released in 1993 by Bizzare Records and reissued in 2010 by Manifesto Records on vinyl!). On this album you will find songs as “I Hope I Don’t Fall in Love with You”, “In Between Love”, “Please Call Me Baby” and a fabulous song with these lyrics:

I want you, you, you
All I want is you, you, you
All I want is you

Give you the stars above
Sun on the brightest day
Give  you all my love
If only you would say

I want you, you, you
All I want is you, you, you
All I want is you

The song “I Want You” is one of the songs which hold a special meaning for me as I sung it for my wife in our wedding. You will also find it on my Spotify playlist “Sound of (Indie) Love and Lost Love”..

YouTube has, as always, a healthy selection of the Tom Waits songs and “I Want You” is no exception! Please enjoy and have a great day!

PS! The title origins from a snippet of the lyrics from the song “I Hope I Don’t Fall in Love with You”. You can listen to it at YouTube.

PPS! If you don’t know what “vinyl” means, you are probably quite young, but with a healthy taste in music. 🙂 I’m sure Wiki can get you educated on “Vinyl” or “Gramophone Records”.

PPPS! I am personally getting rid of my 2500+ CD’s to reinvest in a couple of hundred vinyl albums, an improved stereo equipment and decent gramophone player. I am sure I will let you all know how my progress goes a bit later in this year or 2013…

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