6 years since last post – what has happened?

Wow. Time flies when you are having ….

I will leave it up to you to fill in the blanks above. I just want to conclude that this has been a blog very, very deep asleep for a long time. And as I am about to resurrect it, I cannot make any promises about the frequency of posts I will make.

What I can commit to, is that it will not be 6 years between the coming posts. 🤩

Lots of things have happened in the last 6 years. The most important in my professional life is that I left my place in the AV industry (twice, actually), that served me well for so many years. First I left Barco, to become CEO at Nordic Media Lab. There I spent two years, before joining Dataton as Marketing Manager. After a few years I went to Norway’s largest HubSpot partner, MarkedsPartner where I worked as a business advisor.

What has happened since last time, David?

From working in the largest HubSpot partner in Norway, I joined the by far coolest and rawest HubSpot partner in Norway, Techweb, as Sales Director and Senior Business Advisor. Techweb has a strong niche focus in SaaS and tech companies (fast scaling) and a savviness in tech that is unrivalled – we simply outperform any other Nordic HubSpot when it comes to advanced HubSpot implementations and integrations.

Fine, fine, but how about your private life, then?

Also here a lot of things have happened. I got divorced, moved house a few times, met new fantastic friends, started diving again, got my motorcycle license (and my first Harley Davidson, a childhood dream) and I have gotten quite a bit of ink on my body. I want to present my ink on the blog, and the story behind them. But that is for later.

Here is my awesome Dyna Street Bob (FXDB) 2015 with the flame limited edition version. ❤️

And I have kept my love for music, I have been doing lots of quiz events as quiz master, and I have gotten a new dog – Ceron. He is the calmest, friendliest dog I have ever met – not sure if he is VERY approving in this picture, but he saw a dog on the trail and got a bit curious on when he could meet and say hello. 😃

My two kids are doing great, and I am currently writing this being in Oslo. Heading out to a pub in not took long, to watch the game between Man U and Man C. I am not that much of a football fan, but this could be a great match.

But first… I will post a blog about music! ❤️ 🤩

Stay tuned.

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