Big Hairy Goal Update #1

It is time for an update to my Big Hairy Audacious Goals for 2013. What are your goals?

Almost three weeks back I posted my BHAG for 2013, which can be seen as my stretch targets! It has been hectic over the last weeks, but still I feel I have been doing well and it’s time for a small update!

Runkeeper (my profile there) tells me that I’ve had 8 running exercises since 1st of January. The total kilometer count is 65,1km – averaging 8,14km. My best run so far was when I tested my 10K form – at 55:48 (10.75 km/h). Quite acceptable at this stage!

Since running at a treadmill is close to dead boring I have now seen the first 8 episodes of Homeland and yesterday I enjoyed some fabulous music – including TV on the Radio‘s amazing Wolf Like Me. This piece of music is to me perfect for running and it keeps me going!

Now I am off to Amsterdam in a couple of hours – to visit Integrated Systems Europe 2013 and to deliver a few presentations!

Now enjoy the music! Get pumped! (You will find my Road Runner track list at Spotify! Music made for running!)

PS! I do also have a few professional goals for this year – which I might or might not share with you… Later?!

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